Hydraulic Axle Trailers of Procam are a loading platform available in different modules or configuration, having multi Axle unit connected by a hydraulic suspension. Hydraulic/Pneumatic hoses are fitted throughout the trailer to facilitate the hydraulic function from the respective tank by adjusting the different control valves.


Heavy Duty Hydraulic Trailers have the following features:

  • Designed carrying capacity is more. It can be used to carry any type
    of load as long as the roads & bridges can bear such weight.
  • Equally, distributes the load on each axle. Thus increasing
    the safety to cross the Bridge.
  • Can be increased by lengthwise as well as widthwise to load the
    consignment based upon its size and weight.
  • It maintains the stability of loaded consignment even on gradient,
    sharp curves, up & down, hump dip etc. because of hydraulic
  • Can be raised or lowered +/- 300mm from the normal driving height
    of 1175mm, which also facilitates loading and unloading of consignment
    without using crane and to pass through overhead structures.
  • Possibility of utilization by means of additional attachments with respect
    to load and size of consignment viz. Girder Bridge, low deck carrier and
    bolster for long loads.
  • Axles can be steered independently. Thus giving better turning radius.
  • Ensures stability of cargo at the time of loading.
  • Tyre pressure can be increased / decreased to maintain
    required contact area.
  • A list of Hydraulic Axle Trailers owned by us can be downloaded to evaluate
    your needs and configuration requirements.
  • It can be moved in both directions. Thus facilitates to negotiate very
    sharp turn particularly at Y – junction and unloading sites.


We have in our Fleet Prime Movers of different capacities which can also be combined for heavier loads


All these Prime Movers are equipped with Counter Weights for Heavy haulage applications. We have Prime Movers ranging from 280 to 400 HP and these Heavy Duty Prime Movers are suitable for the Hydraulic Axle Trailers owned by us for hauling heavy loads on difficult terrains, gradients, bypasses and temporary roads constructed for the transportation of Heavy and Over Dimensional Loads.



Procam has large CapEx Plans for Material handling equipment’s like Jacks, Lift Systems, Rollers, and Skidding Systems for handling Project Cargo and Heavy Lifts.


Backed by a strong engineering team Procam will play a major role in this Niche Segment by providing engineering solutions for Heavy Lifts in various plant applications for the careful and safe handling of critical cargo on to foundation and plinths. Procam partners with leading agencies worldwide to provide the best technology and solution to clients interested in utilizing these solutions for their in plant handling where access to crane is limited or cost optimization can be done. Our Engineers will conduct a detailed study of the requirement of client and shall provide tailor made solutions for different consignment, plant and situations. With the use of right technology and by practicing safe methods we provide the required services and assistance during commissioning of plants in the Auto, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Steel & Power Industry


We offer several options for oversized or very heavy cargo


40' flat racks and Open Tops or collapsible end walls. They are suitable for top or side loading and ideal for heavy machinery, pipes etc.

20' and 40' open top containers have removable roof bows and tarpaulin covers.



Handling of Project Cargo demands right solutions at the right time therefore we are equipped with various accessories to handle the project cargo.


Based on need we also design and fabricate attachments, structures, frame,
load bearing beams etc for specific assignments. We offer required inventories
of such items to our clients while handling the project cargo.

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